About Us


Who are we

1st Serenity Healthcare Registry is locally operated in the Charlotte metro area. Our team of well qualified healthcare professionals and in partial partnership with Home Care Seminars (one of the oldest health care agencies in Raleigh North Carolina) gives us 30 plus years of experience to draw upon. We focus our efforts in allowing our clients to be in total control of their in-home services in a simple, efficient manner.

Allowing our clients/families to personally hand select from a variety of our many talented, passionate, professionals ensures that we maintain the important bond between families, clients, and caregivers. We strive to deliver comfort, preserve dignity, and promote healthy independence in the home. Nurturing the spirit, taking pride and joy in servitude and involving family and friends, solidifies our beliefs in the precious value of human life.

cheerful senior african american man using tablet computer at home

Nurse Discussing Records With Senior Male Patient During Home Visit

Our Process

When contacting us regarding services for your loved ones, a representative will quickly respond to your request and arrange a meeting that will be convenient for you and your family members. During this initial meeting, a nurse coordinator will conduct all needed assessments to identify their specific medical needs, health requirements and overall in-home status. Based on the collective information,through consultation between the family and medical professionals, an appropriate care plan will be constructed and provided to the family.

1st Serenity Healthcare performs strict screening, extensive background checks and thorough evaluations of education, certification, and training. We provide background checks on all caregivers registered on our site. You and your family, in conjunction with 1st Serenity, will assist in identifying a private-duty caregiver from our pool of caregivers that will best meet your needs. Some key things to remember when selecting your private-duty caregiver: personality, education, experience, attitude, compatibility, and most importantly, your needs. Once a caregiver is chosen, we will work with you and the caregiver to ensure all contractual relationships are in place and service can begin.

The caregiver will follow the Plan of Care that the nurse develops. As your needs and health change, the care plan will be revised accordingly by our nurse.